Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects

We have several open source projects that we have created.

  • JET - JET Extension Tags provides an amazingly versatile and simple mechanism for generating output for muliple uses. Originally designed in the early days of the Internet for generating web pages containing dynamic data it has been adapted to many uses from Asterisk dial plans to other generated output that requires templated protocols with dynamic data from a mysql database. Jeff Gonzalez added the ability to manage web site sessions and pretty URLs to JET with his session manager library.

  • BARANTMAIL - Designed out of frustration with qmail a decade ago BARANTMAIL was developed on top of C++ and mySQL to provide an extremely super simple e-mail server for the open-source community.

  • SYNTHMAX - I have been developing a fully modular synthesizer for use in Linux. This is not your usual plaything and maybe someday will be used professionally in my keyboard products.

  • C++ SERVER FRAMEWORK - A core epoll server code for developing all sorts of high performance TCP and UDP servers. Generic socket objects allow tying into epoll handling for any socket based communications including timers, files and network sockets. Basic functional server frameworks are provided for:

    • HTTP(S) Server
    • Stream Server
    • E-Mail Server
    • Chat Server

  • RCA1802 Micro-Controller Emulator - A fully operational assembler and emulation environment for the development and deployment of firmware code utilizing the RCA1802 micro-controller chip.