Modular1 Patches
Modular1 Patches
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Modular1 Patches

We are constantly making new patches and we also receive patches from our users. We will post them here so that they can be shared.

Squishy Saw

Several sawtooth waves with soft envelopes.

Metal Bamboo FM

A clean fm bamboo sound with metallic sidebands.

Cathederal Angels

A somewhat heavy rolling vocal voices.


Somewhat harpsichord sound with a bright pulse.

Modulated Filters

Modulating the filters at audio frequencies beefs up those low tones.

Basic Triangle

A basic gated triangle wave.

Basic Sine

Basic sine wave. Can be used as a base to creating other sounds.

Water Bass

An FM bass with a dripping sound.

Stereo Polymoog 1

Rich rubber band sound with pulse widt modulation.

Lunar Monad

Monophonic whistle sound with lots of portamento and echo.

No Idea

Weird digital digery doo sound with a spanking.